Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Great Frame Up..

So I envy all of those blogs out there at feature neat craft projects, decorating tips, holiday ideas. Why? Because I can't wait until the day that I have more time to do those type of projects. Up until now all my projects have been MAJOR cosmetic changes (taking down wallpaper, painting walls, installing a sink). All of these projects are super important, but they don't all add the "charm" that I want to add to my house. 

So I finally completed one those "charming" projects. Side note- I tend to change my mind so that is one reason why I can't seem to complete one of these projects because I'm always thinking "what happens if another idea comes along that I like better?. 

So this time I tackled the bathroom. The bathroom has yellow tile and white walls (MUCH better than the floral wallpaper :) ). Yellow is in right now, but this yellow is slightly lighter than the trendy mustard color in right now that goes great with gray. So.. I decided to add some accent colors-- a little black/white. 

Take a look at the great frame up. The frames were on sale at local craft store, the "pictures" that I framed is just some scrapbooking paper I had around the house...

Here is the space..nothing special.. but a little blah
the frames and paper...

project coming together... thought I was going to do all black/white, but I found the yellow flower paper and it had the right shade of yellow, so why not?

on the wall... i like it!!

completely changes the plain, blah bathroom into something  with a little more character..

Okay... I know, I know.. it is JUST my bathroom, but it is a project that I completed and it added a little charm to the house.. even if it is where you take a ........ :)