Sunday, December 4, 2011

The end is here..

I'm back at the whole DIY thing. This time around it is an attempt to spruce up my family room. For the longest time I have just done what I could with the decor and furniture that I had. Well- I'm in my big girl house and needed to start to really decorate :)

I started with the purchase of the pottery barn rug (more on that in a bit)

THe next thing on the list- end tables! We were surviving with just one end table that didn't really add much to the room. 

So.. my dear friend Gina found these on craigslist..we had a vision of their potential..

After a trip to the good ol' Home Depot, I purchased some spray paint primer, black spray paint. 

I washed them, sanded them and started to coat them in primer. the transformation begins. 
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perfect size, perfect color. I finally have a place to put my glass of wine while watching tv :)

Recap of this little project that only took a Sunday morning to complete..

2 tables- $30 (craigslist- plus the lady lived 2 miles from my house!)
Spray paint- $15 (primer and paint)
Sand paper- already had some

TOTAL: $45 for 2 amazing looking end tables! Whoohoo!! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's gonna be a white christmas

On Tuesday night the Mr. and I drove about 70 miles east of Atlanta and picked up this guy..

This white snowball/fur-ball is a 7 week old Great Pyrenees rescue. He is one of 5 pups that were rescued a couple of weeks ago. 

His name.. Mr. Boone Race (aka Boone). He is such an adorable pup!

Not only is he too cute! He has been soooo good! No accidents in his crate yet! And the only accidents in the house have been our fault....

what's not love about this face?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Living room re-re-re-do

I am the queen of being indecisive.

I am the girl who stood in front of the Target towels for 30 minutes try to decide on what color to pick- i even had a shower curtain that gave me some direction.

So the my next project shouldn't surprise you- i have decided to re-decorate the family room. i have never really been happy with the most recent re-do. So this time, I called in some help from the amazing talented Gina (she doesn't have a blog- but she totally should!). She is so creative. Once this Pottery Barn purchase arrives in 5-7 business days the real transformation will begin.

It wasn't easy picking out a new rug...dang are they expensive and there are so many different directions to go in.

After some major re-pinning on Pintrest, I found out that I like warmer colors and am not so afraid of yellow and with the help of Gina, realized that we can do a lot with the yellow and some gold undertones. So the first real re-do of the family room is about to happen.

So far it has included: moving of some major furniture, purchasing 3 things off Craigslist and finding some stellar wedding pics to frame :) stay tuned.... and if any one in Atlanta wants a rug from Target, let me know. I am selling this one for $40...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

the past few weeks I have done a little re-styling of the living/dining room area. I am still not pleased with the look...but its getting there. i have such a hard time making a decision on color. i have to admit, i'm a little nervous to use color- but I love it when I do!

Here is a look at the old family room..

It was very beige and the rug in the dining room area did not really go with the lighter colored rug in the family room area. Given I didn't have a huge budget.. i decided to replace the rug in the family room (i would much rather replace both)... I also got new window treatments. The old ones were a little sort and didn't match each I have decided to focus on the green/blue color combo for the room. still need to pull it all together. talk about frustrating. 

still waiting to do a photo wall on the blank wall by the front door!
suggestions anyone? i just feel like the room is still a little blah.

Weeds be gone!

The past 17 months I have been neglecting the outside of my house. I know they say how important curb appeal is, but I have been overwhelmed with making all the changes inside my house that I didn't even have a chance to take a before picture of this next project. 

bummer. i know. so without waiting any is a look at where a few trees came falling down (well...cut down on purpose)

The front corner of the house had a HUGE pile of over grown stuff...there were trees, bushes, weeds, sticks, you name it, it was there. so we hired a company to come chop it all down and hall it away. They also took down the dead dogwood tree that was next to the house. Oh yea- and my mum purchase from Home Depot. Gives a little pop of color to the front, what do ya think?

And then there was the backyard- let's just say that I let the weeds get a little out of control!!! So after we hired someone to weed-eat, spray, deliver and lay pine straw, the backyard looks MUCH better!! the weeds were probably 4 feet tall.... before pictures :(

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Race" to the Altar

The day every little girl dreams of...her wedding day. 

After attending weddings- wonderful weddings- over the past few years. It was time for Race to come to the altar....

I dreamt about it. I planned for it. And it came and it went. I am so excited, blessed to be living my "forever after" with my best friend and soul mate (not to mention I know have a 3 letter monogram! come on- living in the south with out a middle name is hard!)

As you can tell from the previous posts, we really made a weekend out of it. We wanted to make sure our friends and family had a grand ol' time in Kansas. So here is a peak at the big day. We are still waiting on the professional pictures..

The day started with all the girls getting ready at my parents house. We had AMAZING ladies come do our make-up and hair. LOVED THEM!!! If you need amazing recommendations for hair/make-up in KC- let me know!

Below are some pictures from friends. If you want a sneak peek at our wedding video, click here. 

Ahhh..i'm getting married!! like the curlers?

Bride and Bridesmaids. Nice and comfy getting ready in PJ's!

Need a little lip gloss for the big smooch :)

my beautiful bridesmaids and mom! LOVE YOU ALL!

Did I mention I was obsessed with the flowers! scarf and pin are my grandmothers. it was my something old :)

Dad and me walking down the aisle. I couldn't help but smile :)

Wonderful. Perfect. Amazing. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Taste of Kansas City

We wanted to do something different and fun for our rehearsal dinner so we decided to give folks a taste of kansas city since so many people were out of town. Take a look at our DIY decorations!!!

Here are the invitations..

Buffet table decorations..

Here is part of the buffet table. Those yellow vases have homemade sunflower candy in them!

no food yet..but the table looks pretty

Instead of paying a ton of money for centerpieces, we added a little personal touch to each table. Many of our friends didn't know each other since all of Eric's family and friends don't live in Kansas. 

I made a trip to Ikea and got some cheap white frames, went to work on the computer and introduced everyone to the wedding party. This also served as additional present for each member of the wedding party! We also  saved some $$ by using Mason jars for the vases. We tied a blue ribbon and put some beautiful sunflowers in each. And for easy clean-up we just used disposable table cloths...

go ahead and laugh....who is going to send it to Leno?
And here are some of the guests...

MLS, MLB, MR., and MRS.

Leading up to the big day- August 20- we made the most out of our trip to Kansas City! I (we) wanted to make sure everyone LOVED Kansas City and would consider it a hidden gem of the midwest :)

So... to make the most of the weekend, we started it off on Wednesday at an MLS game. 

My brother and groom

Grandpa and Mother of the Bride!

Bride and Groom cheering on Sporting KC!

After the MLS game, we welcomed more of the wedding party to KC on Thursday! Friends from Maryland, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Alabama, North Carolina all enjoyed a MLB game- GO ROYALS!

Mother and Father of the Bride! 
Best man and groom

best man and bride

co-best men

App State Groomsmen and wife

The whole gang

Great friends!!

More to come on the Mr. and Mrs. part :)