Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Here comes the bride...

This past weekend, the hubby, Boone and I drove the 13 hours back to Kansas for a very exciting event- my best friend's wedding! Sarah has been my best friend since our freshman year of college. She was maid of honor for my big day last August and I was so honored to be her Matron of Honor for her BIG Day this summer! Here is a look at the weekend... talk about a beautiful bride, amazing details and gorgeous color combo :) Did I mention the glowing bride and how amazing she looks with her new hubby?

super cute center pieces for the rehearsal dinner!

Getting everything ready on Friday! 24 hours until she becomes a Mrs.!

rehearsal dinner! Beautiful venue, amazing food and GREAT friends!

It's Wedding Day! Of course I had to tell the barista at Starbucks she was getting married.  Yep- that says wifey on the cup :)

fancy hair. no make-up. move on..

p.s. i totally should have taken my heels off!

Mother of the Bride- BEAUTIFUL!

tooooooo cute!

Here she is! The future Mr. almost dropped a tear...almost..

saying their vows. Her Grandpa was one of the pastors. 

The NEW Mr. and Mrs.!

welcome to the family Mr. A :)

my hubby :)

old school picture- oh lambda chi- those were the days!

fun times at the reception!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

He looks like a Polar Bear

So our "little" guy Boone, went from looking like this...

 To this.... he has grown a little. Wouldn't you say?

Here he is at 9 months old!

Every time we take him out in public, we get at least 2 comments about how he looks like a polar bear. Tonight a 5 year old girl came over to give him a hug and said "if he was my dog I would name him Polar Bear or Marshmallow). Gotta love little kids and big puppies!  Boone came made the 13 hour drive to Kansas City this past weekend with us. He was such a good boy. He event got an ice cream treat! Here he is waiting for the ice cream...

Friday, July 6, 2012

Back at it...

My motivation is back. Blinds are ordered for the new windows in the master bedroom, scored an awesome new kitchen table that will seat up to 12 folks AND the dog has slowed down his destructive habits around the house. I also have taught myself (kind of...sometimes..) to take ONE project at a time and NOT to get overwhelmed by everything I want to do in the house....so... to kickstart this new outlook, my friend Angie and I are going thrifting tomorrow with the wonderful Rhoda

Stay tuned for some awesome finds (crossing my fingers) and some cool projects!