Sunday, November 7, 2010

spunky? sophisticated? sassy?

Need your vote!!

There are two more painting projects I want to tackle... one being the guest bathroom. Right now it is hospital sterile white! There is a nice built in bookshelf behind the toilet that I thought I would paint for an accent..something to tie in the guest bedroom bedding set. But since no one really sees that bathroom, I want to focus my energy and $$ to my 3rd bedroom/walk-through room. 

This room is between the kitchen and hallway to the other bedrooms. It also has the sliding glass doors out to the screened porch. I want this room to be an "escape." It needs to be multi-functional.. office, yoga, mediation, as well as pet friendly for Snyder... 

There is one wall with no doors or windows on it.. a perfect wall for an accent wall! I am going to paint the other 3 walls the Sherwin-Williams Kilim beige that is also in the guest room, hallway and kitchen. But the 4th wall I want to stand out! I saw a really neat painting technique where you stencil in a design using the same paint color as the wall, but in a high gloss.... so here are some paint colors I picked out.. which one do you like? I need your vote!!

Color 1- Behr Ultra "Strike a pose." Here is where I got the inspiration 

Color 2- Behr Ultra "Drum Solo." There is where I got this idea

Color 3- Behr Ultra "Blood Rose". Same inspiration as "Strike a pose"

deck the halls... 'tis the season of NO MORE WALLPAPER!

When I bought my house 5 months ago there were 29 walls covered in wallpaper, not to mention 6 of them had 4 layers! The 6 walls were located in the hallway and had some interesting door jams and spaces... one of the reasons why it was the last wallpaper project I tackled. 

Here is a picture of the hallway in June..

Here is a look with the walls stripped... still a lot of stuff to do before I paint..i lived with these walls like this for 5 months.. YUCK!

So much to patch work to repair the walls! 

sanded and primed..

END PRODUCT... beautiful painted Kilim Beige walls!

ok... so the change is a lot more dramatic in person.... such a difference. Maybe I will actually turn my hall light on now :)