Sunday, April 15, 2012

Let's go caulking..

well we have been up to some much needed house projects- these aren't as fun as decorating or painting..but they have been much needed to finish up some "ugly" marks in the house. the first one includes some base boards..

 No baseboards....ugly! And might remember I remodeled the kitchen more than a year this ugly scene is what I kept seeing.
 SO much better!!!
I also did some rearranging and got this beautiful picture my parents gave me for Christmas framed and mounted!

So after we did the baseboards, we moved to the bathroom to re-caulk! The old caulk was just old..and dirty...and no matter what I did..I felt like the bathroom was ALWAYS dirty!

So.....with my box cutter in hand and some good music...this is what I tackled on Saturday/Sunday...

Actually looks clean! okay- so the grout is still not as "white" as I want it to be.....but it is clean, it's just old :( but i think it is a major improvement! it's the small things....