Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 4th of July

I had a wonderful time this past weekend with my parents.. they drove down from Kansas City and brought my grandma's bedroom set for my guest room, as well as a lawn mower, tools and a bunch of other fun stuff! Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, we were able to enjoy a Braves game from his company's suite.. with an amazing fireworks show afterwards...family friends from KC also joined the fun that night!

Daddy and me :)

Eric and me :)

plumber's putty

Thanks to my Dad this weekend, I discovered "adult" play dough- i.e. plumber's putty- not only is it fun to play with, but it has a purpose that can help you around the house...

I also learned how to do a few electrical hook-ups. Take a look at the before and after at my sink.. still no garbage disposal and still a unique shade of avocado green, but take a look at the new pendant light (only $19 at Home Depot) and new faucet (on sale for $98 at Lowe's). 

There is a s a fluorescent light hiding behind the top of that cabinet design... didn't do much for me

Not to mention the gross faucet that would leak every time you used the sink...

here is the new sink (i can't figure out how to rotate the dang picture in blogspot.. ideas?)
I was able to use my plumber's putty to fill in the hole where the sprayer went with the old faucet and replaced it with a brushed nickel cover for now. Even though the directions for the faucet didn't say to put plumbers putty on the bottom of the cover, my Dad did so anyway which will help in the long run. We also got no burst pipes). Now I can watch my "child" Snyder play in the back yard while I wash dishes from a pretty sink (like I said.. the avocado is growing on me :)

Personal retreat...

It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do for a room! Every time I paint a room, I am amazed at the transformation. The painting part of it all is the easiest part.. it is just getting to the point where you can paint that takes the longest. Thanks to my Mom-- she helped me make some progress and get my bathroom, kitchen, master bedroom and part of my living room painted!

I was determined to get the master bedroom to a place where I could relax and rejuvenate myself. I figured the rest of my house is going to be a construction zone for the next few months so I needed a room that was halfway decent. Don't get me wrong.. I have a ton of stuff to do still.. but at least it is better than how it looked when i moved in!

Take a look at the Master bedroom before and after...

This is the before... in case you can't tell.. that is a yellow textured wallpaper... the texture looked like snake skin....as a result, when you scored and took it off, it would flake off small yellow dots. Awesome!

This is me trying out different paint colors...always amazes me at how different the paint looks on the wall. Before I could prime and paint these walls, I had to make sure ALL wall paper was off, then scrubbed each wall to get all the glue residue off the wall, then washed the walls with TSP and then I was ready to prime...

Finally, I picked a color and painted the room.. what a dramatic difference- the new fan/light helps a ton too!! Thanks, Dad, for helping me install that this weekend! I got a bargain at Lowe's. It even has a remote- 100 times better than "clap on, clap off!" I haven't put anything up on the walls.. still trying to figure what I want and wear.. not to mention the challenge of finding custom blinds (at a reasonable price) for those windows above my bed..i'm thinking about making my own roman shades..we will see what kind of fabric I find at the fabric store this coming week..

And we're back

So I have made my way to a cute little coffee shop down the street from my house to enjoy an iced beverage and take advantage of the free wi-fi (okay-- wi-fi password comes with my $4.00 cup of gourmet iced coffee... but who cares :)).

All this being said... i'm going to update my blog with pictures and all tonight! so get ready.....

By the way... in case you were wondering, I did end up buying the European Hutch and buffet from the Classy Flea.. what a bargain deal! Here it is in my house. It is a perfect size and scale for my house! (walls aren't painted yet and just ignore the messy kitchen table..)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Locked and secured.

Yes- I have been MIA (I know...it's terrible, especially if you are like me and check my blog updates everyday to see what blogs have a new post!). But I have a few good reasons

1. I don't have internet at my house yet.... and when I tried to borrow my neighbors, any of my neighbors, I found out that they ALL have secured networks. I even tried to to a coffee shop last night for their free wi-fi, but there was NO place to sit

2. too busy at work to update the blog (except for this quick, really quick post).

But.. I have been working really hard and will have a ton of posts to write-up when I get my internet connected- projects ranging from creating a brand new shower rod, organizing a small closet, keeping my kitchen bakers rack cute, organized AND practical. I

In the meantime, I found this buffett and hutch at "The Classy Flea" in Marietta...... i think i'm going to buy it.. what do you think?- this picture was taken in the store with a ton of stuff around it some fresh paint and a cute vase of flowers on it....