Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is in the air (and so is wedding season!)

I am really looking forward to working on the exterior of my house this year. There is a lot of random plants growing in random places and I know it just needs a good days worth of clearing and trimming. Now if I can only find a money tree to plan in every corner I will be good to go! 

I am blessed to celebrate the 7 weddings this year.. plus mine! However, that means cash is going to be a little tight to do some of the projects that are on the list. In the meantime, take a look at the beautiful Hsu/Roser wedding this weekend at Lake Lanier. Beautiful bride! Beautiful weather! Beautiful location! A start to a beautiful marriage.... she had some amazing personal details at the ceremony that I am not going to share because I am borrowing some of the ideas for my big day :) 

Puppy love

My fur-child, Snyder...

is loving his (our) new house... especially the big backyard..

so when I thought about how to decorate my guest room, I thought the lil guy needed a little recognition.. he is my pup :) 

so I decided what to do with this cute painting I got in Rhode Island, while visiting my bestie, Mrs. Ruby Red Slippers. 

I found this frame at Goodwill (x2) for only $5 bucks...

and with a little black spray paint, fabric to recover the photo mat, I ended up with this..

I decided it would go perfectly in my guest room...

I know..it is not the entire room... just wait, I am doing a few other things. Still deciding on what to do with the identical frame that I bought with this one.. maybe a picture of my lil guy? I am having fun bringing some Black lab love to the guest room!!

I mean... look at this guy...how can you not love him?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Prayer- it's a powerful thing!

Wow... so I didn't realize that my last post was more than a month ago until my best friend pointed it out yesterday! Life has been crazy! It has been 30+ days that have proven how powerful prayer can be in your life.

In February, my Grandma lost her battle to Alzheimer's. She had battled with this terrible disease for 4+ years. I know that she is in the arms of God right now.

In February, my fiance's parents battled health issues and spent time in the hospital. Again, the power of prayer was amazing!

In the same month, my future brother and sister-in-law welcomed a baby girl into the world. I am so excited to be Ava's Aunt and see her grow up!

It is times like this that make me stop and evaluate what I prioritize in life. In the next 5 months Eric and I will celebrating the amazing thing called love as we attend 7 weddings, not to mention our very own big day in August!

It is times like this that you realize how amazing God is-- no matter what the situation is!