Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hey good lookin'... watcha got cookin'?

 Well I have to say I have a pretty "good lookin'" kitchen! The project is about 80% completed. There are just a few more things I would like to do... for example, the old counter tops went up on the wall and the new counter tops don't, so I have to repaint some of the walls (I primed tonight so you can see the paint tape- not attractive, I know). I also would like to add a cute roman shade to the window and replace the carport door, as well as finish the baseboard around the kitchen... but with all of that being said.. i think it is turning out pretty good!

Let's rewind to last week (yes, that is just 3 months ago.. NOT 1961 ;))
This is what the kitchen looked like when I bought the house... blue wallpaper and wood panels! 
Anyone feel like a fresh avocado? again that blue wall paper!
This was just last week... again.. NOT 1961 (but I almost fooled you, didn't I?)
Wallpaper off... still a lot of work to do!

i like the paint color... still needs some work
new appliances, new counter tops and new floor!!! Still have to fix the wall and paint.. but that will happen soon enough
Love the Spanish Gold counter top!

Lightening isn't the best.. but another view.. a clean fridge that DOESN'T freeze the food on the top shelf!

My coffee maker will look great in that corner!

Just needs a new door and a cute roman shade for the window!
Well, I haven't cooked anything in the kitchen yet-- wanted to make sure the dishwasher, stove, sink all worked :) Can't wait to grocery shopping and cook something delicious!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Plumbers crack

No-- i didn't witness a plumbers crack, nor did I have one myself...but I did a get chance to play "plumber" this weekend. And in the end... i have a working faucet and sink (ok-- only side of the sink, but that's better than where I started on Friday!

So when the countertops were installed, they gave me a great new stainless steel sink, however, they did not provide a handyman with the new sink. So instead of forking out money for a handyman, I decided to get my act together and tackle the project. 

This is what it looked like on Friday...

First on my to-do list was connect the made the most sense since it was at the very back and I didn't want to work around the pipes.. 

On my back, in the cabinet trying to secure the faucet..not so fun!

This handy dandy tri-pod flashlight was a LIFE SAVER! Thanks, Dad!!!!

THis is the final project....

Okay.. so now that the faucet works, the water has now where to go.. on to the plumbing. Here is a look at what i need to get to (one exception... I'm putting a garbage disposal on the right side..

I put some plumbers putty on the sink..

Then I realized the strainer doesn't line up with the J-pipe... so i had to go back to Home Depot and this is the final results... with no leaks!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

what a tease..

So I have two major projects going on and I am going to hold off on showing the completed look until I am done with each of the is a little tease of what's in store :)

here is a look at the new countertop and tile floor...

here is a little peak at the guest room :) 

breakfast in the...??

This is the week! Wednesday I get new countertops and Thursday/Friday I get new kitchen floors and next Tuesday the new appliances arrive!!

In the meantime.. I don't have a stove/oven and 1/2 my kitchen is in my dining/living room.... take a look..

needless to say I think I will be ordering take out for the next few days :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Exciting news...stay tuned

I am excited to announce a MAJOR renovation in my little house. This newest (and probably the most major) redo will completely transform (or at least I hope) my kitchen! I am excited to finally get a NEW kitchen!

Over labor day weekend, I took advantage of the appliance sales at Sears. I debated whether or not to get all stainless steel appliances or go with black. I decided to meet in the middle. I also wanted a bottom freezer, french door fridge. But when I started look at the price tag and then thought of the resale of the house, etc. it just wasn't worth it. So at the end of September, I will get the following NEW appliances delivered! A new black Kenmore fridge.. this will totally beat my current fridge that freezes everything on the top level of the fridge! And my new fridge will have an ICE MAKER! Say goodbye to the ice cube trays!!
Along with the fridge, I got a deal on a new dishwasher and new GAS stove. The gas stove was a 2009 model so I got it for super cheap!!!

Besides new appliances, I am getting new tile floors AND granite counter tops. Stay tuned for the transformation....