Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back to Black

I had every intention to wake up this morning and go to church, clean house, do some laundry and enjoy a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon. That is before I hit snooze a few too many times and didn't get up in time to go to Church. So instead of letting the day go by without being productive, I decided to tackle my noticeable project that I have done in a while.... another paint job. This time one that the entire neighborhood will see! 

I love the brick my house is made out of; however, the color of the shutters and front door was clearly the neighborhood paint special from 1970. I have counted at least 10 different houses within a block of my abode with the same blue accent colors on their house...

not a fan of the screen door... that will be changing at some point!

I thought I would be able to take the shutters off, but they are super glued to the house. THen I thought I would be able to put a piece of newspaper behind the shutters and spray paint them... wrong. So I ended up having to paint each one with a 2-inch brush and make sure I got under each piece of wood. So after picking up Pure Black Behr Premium Plus Exterior paint (pre-mixed so I didn't have to stand in line at Home Depot with the other 50 folks deciding to do a paint project this weekend)

After washing the door and shutters with some Murphy Oil (Thanks fiance for helping me!), I started the paint project. THe front door has 3 coats on it and the shutters took just 1! The gloss paint makes it a little more challenging to paint and is a lot glossier than the blue. BUT I love it!

The current screen door makes the front door look really dark, so I hope to change this soon. And get some new lights!