Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Taste of Kansas City

We wanted to do something different and fun for our rehearsal dinner so we decided to give folks a taste of kansas city since so many people were out of town. Take a look at our DIY decorations!!!

Here are the invitations..

Buffet table decorations..

Here is part of the buffet table. Those yellow vases have homemade sunflower candy in them!

no food yet..but the table looks pretty

Instead of paying a ton of money for centerpieces, we added a little personal touch to each table. Many of our friends didn't know each other since all of Eric's family and friends don't live in Kansas. 

I made a trip to Ikea and got some cheap white frames, went to work on the computer and introduced everyone to the wedding party. This also served as additional present for each member of the wedding party! We also  saved some $$ by using Mason jars for the vases. We tied a blue ribbon and put some beautiful sunflowers in each. And for easy clean-up we just used disposable table cloths...

go ahead and laugh....who is going to send it to Leno?
And here are some of the guests...

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