Sunday, December 4, 2011

The end is here..

I'm back at the whole DIY thing. This time around it is an attempt to spruce up my family room. For the longest time I have just done what I could with the decor and furniture that I had. Well- I'm in my big girl house and needed to start to really decorate :)

I started with the purchase of the pottery barn rug (more on that in a bit)

THe next thing on the list- end tables! We were surviving with just one end table that didn't really add much to the room. 

So.. my dear friend Gina found these on craigslist..we had a vision of their potential..

After a trip to the good ol' Home Depot, I purchased some spray paint primer, black spray paint. 

I washed them, sanded them and started to coat them in primer. the transformation begins. 
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perfect size, perfect color. I finally have a place to put my glass of wine while watching tv :)

Recap of this little project that only took a Sunday morning to complete..

2 tables- $30 (craigslist- plus the lady lived 2 miles from my house!)
Spray paint- $15 (primer and paint)
Sand paper- already had some

TOTAL: $45 for 2 amazing looking end tables! Whoohoo!! 

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