Sunday, November 4, 2012

Keeping Secrets...

I have been keeping a secret. Last weekend the hubby and I jumped on a plane and made a quick trip back to Kansas City! It was my Mom's birthday on Thursday, so when a sale on AirTran popped up months ago- we decided it would work (it also happened to fall on K-State Homecoming and a Chiefs home game!). So my parent's casual Friday night dinner with friends ended up being a great surprise birthday dinner for her! Love you! 

Not only did we get to spend some awesome time with Mom and Dad. I got to meet my best friend's little girl and see all my sisters at our ADPi reunion. 

Here is a look at the weekend.....

Surprise, Mom! We are here!!
EMAW! Go Cats! #2 in the BCS! Great year to make it back to the Little Apple!

Weekend with the bestie!

Auntie Lauren was SO excited to meet you, L! I can't wait to spend some QT with you in December!

Hubby and Dad!
Staying warm at the Chiefs game! Go ahead...laugh at the hat, but it was warm! No surprise at all- but the Chiefs lost.

Had so much fun with my KC gals :)

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  1. It was SO great to see you. L keeps asking when she gets to see her cool Aunt from Atlanta again. ;)

    LOVE the monkey hat.