Sunday, September 26, 2010

Plumbers crack

No-- i didn't witness a plumbers crack, nor did I have one myself...but I did a get chance to play "plumber" this weekend. And in the end... i have a working faucet and sink (ok-- only side of the sink, but that's better than where I started on Friday!

So when the countertops were installed, they gave me a great new stainless steel sink, however, they did not provide a handyman with the new sink. So instead of forking out money for a handyman, I decided to get my act together and tackle the project. 

This is what it looked like on Friday...

First on my to-do list was connect the made the most sense since it was at the very back and I didn't want to work around the pipes.. 

On my back, in the cabinet trying to secure the faucet..not so fun!

This handy dandy tri-pod flashlight was a LIFE SAVER! Thanks, Dad!!!!

THis is the final project....

Okay.. so now that the faucet works, the water has now where to go.. on to the plumbing. Here is a look at what i need to get to (one exception... I'm putting a garbage disposal on the right side..

I put some plumbers putty on the sink..

Then I realized the strainer doesn't line up with the J-pipe... so i had to go back to Home Depot and this is the final results... with no leaks!!

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