Sunday, September 12, 2010

Exciting news...stay tuned

I am excited to announce a MAJOR renovation in my little house. This newest (and probably the most major) redo will completely transform (or at least I hope) my kitchen! I am excited to finally get a NEW kitchen!

Over labor day weekend, I took advantage of the appliance sales at Sears. I debated whether or not to get all stainless steel appliances or go with black. I decided to meet in the middle. I also wanted a bottom freezer, french door fridge. But when I started look at the price tag and then thought of the resale of the house, etc. it just wasn't worth it. So at the end of September, I will get the following NEW appliances delivered! A new black Kenmore fridge.. this will totally beat my current fridge that freezes everything on the top level of the fridge! And my new fridge will have an ICE MAKER! Say goodbye to the ice cube trays!!
Along with the fridge, I got a deal on a new dishwasher and new GAS stove. The gas stove was a 2009 model so I got it for super cheap!!!

Besides new appliances, I am getting new tile floors AND granite counter tops. Stay tuned for the transformation....

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  1. Jealous! We need a new fridge... BUT that is not in the budget for this year! :) Enjoy the beautiful new appliances!!