Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Boom, boom, boom!

I hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th weekend! I spent the weekend doing some all-american things like...

baseball (Braves won! But we missed the Grand Slam because we were getting ice cream :) 

and some fireworks after the game!

I also did taught a few yoga classes, visited the farmers market (have some amazing tomatoes and an eggplant!). 

On Monday morning I participated in the WORLD'S LARGET 10K! 60,000 people ran the 6.2 mile race on July 4th. It is an Atlanta tradition that people talk about every year. There are folks that fly 1/2 way across the country to participate in. Although I wasn't even close to winning (the male winner ran the race in 33 minutes- yes folks, he averaged a 4:20 minute mile for 6.2 miles straight!). 

I finished in 1 hour and 23 minutes. Not too bad considering it was my first race ever, I didn't train as much as I wanted and you had to weave in and out of 60,000 people. The race started with the national anthem and a flyover by 3 F-16 fighter jets. It was truly remarkable. 

Here I am in the morning (not hot and sweaty yet- yes i am aware, the NO bangs is not a good look for me. i wasn't thinking fashion when i was thinking about running 6.2 miles in 90+ degree heat). 

Getting nervous in the car. Thanks to my future hubby for waking up so early on race day :)

I crossed the finish line and got THE T-SHIRT*!

So if you aren't from Atlanta, you might think-- it's a t-shirt. who cares? The coveted Peachtree Road Race t-shirt is only given to individuals who cross the finish line with a race number. There is a lottery system to even get a number in the first place. More than 2,000 people didn't even get a number in the lottery. You can sell your number and make bank if you want- but I decided to try the race and so glad I did! After you cross the finish line you are directed to the exit. There are gates so no one can get in or out of this path. Once you get to the exit gates, you get a bag with your t-shirt and they mark an x on your race number- meaning you have your t-shirt; you don't get another :)

Can't wait to wear my t-shirt out :) I know it's just a t-shirt.. but it means so much more!

Who wants to run with me next year?!?!

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