Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Silence. Not always golden.

Silence. I didn't realize what a silent house was until today.

It is something I wish I never had to experience.

For the past 3 1/2 years I have come home to an excited pup, wagging his tail, jumping up and down and beyond excited to see me. No matter how bad my day was, Snyder, the pup knew no different. He greeted me with love and excitement every day- even if he had gotten into some mischief during the day.

He was my little boy. He was my pup. When I rescued him from the Atlanta Humane Society in January 2008, my life changed forever.

What I wouldn't do to have him wake up at 5:00 a.m. for a potty break outside. What I wouldn't do to have to come home early from out with friends to let him out. What I wouldn't do to wake up in the middle of the night and realize Snyder is taking up 95% of the bed and all the covers. What I wouldn't do for another walk around the block or to toss him another treat when I leave the house.

Snyder was my guy. He was there when my dog back at home, Bailey, passed away. He was there to cuddle with when both of my Grandma's passed away. He comforted Eric and Me when we got home from the hospital after his father passed away.

He even knew what the word "cuddle" meant. He would grab his dog treat, pace around the coffee table 3 times and run in bed....waiting for me to join.

After I closed on my house, I couldn't wait to bring Snyder "home" and show him HIS new backyard...all for him. All the squirrels and birds to chase with no leash. Snyder was even there when Eric proposed...standing right behind me when Eric was down on one knee asking for his hand in marriage (I may have even tripped over Snyder when I was jumping with joy- I think he even jumped for joy with me).

So when I got the call from the doggy daycare that Snyder passed away when I was out of town I was crushed. I am still crushed. I will be crushed for sometime. We found out he passed away because of a case of pancreatitis...a condition that he came down with 2 years ago and almost didn't make it. It is something that happens in dogs that is hard to detect.

He was only 4 years old. He was supposed to be our pup for 10+ more years and meet our human kids. He warmed everyone's heart. He had an outgoing personality and was a lover.

So walking in the house without my pup waiting for me sucked. it was quiet. silent. completely silent. When I sat down on my couch, I just wished I would hear him paw at the back door and bark once to let me know he wanted back in. I would give anything to have to vacuum every other day again. his fur wasn't bad. I miss him and always will.

Snyder- I will miss you. I hope you are playing non-stop in doggie heaven! We will cuddle soon :) I love you.

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