Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weeds be gone!

The past 17 months I have been neglecting the outside of my house. I know they say how important curb appeal is, but I have been overwhelmed with making all the changes inside my house that I didn't even have a chance to take a before picture of this next project. 

bummer. i know. so without waiting any is a look at where a few trees came falling down (well...cut down on purpose)

The front corner of the house had a HUGE pile of over grown stuff...there were trees, bushes, weeds, sticks, you name it, it was there. so we hired a company to come chop it all down and hall it away. They also took down the dead dogwood tree that was next to the house. Oh yea- and my mum purchase from Home Depot. Gives a little pop of color to the front, what do ya think?

And then there was the backyard- let's just say that I let the weeds get a little out of control!!! So after we hired someone to weed-eat, spray, deliver and lay pine straw, the backyard looks MUCH better!! the weeds were probably 4 feet tall.... before pictures :(

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