Sunday, October 16, 2011

the past few weeks I have done a little re-styling of the living/dining room area. I am still not pleased with the look...but its getting there. i have such a hard time making a decision on color. i have to admit, i'm a little nervous to use color- but I love it when I do!

Here is a look at the old family room..

It was very beige and the rug in the dining room area did not really go with the lighter colored rug in the family room area. Given I didn't have a huge budget.. i decided to replace the rug in the family room (i would much rather replace both)... I also got new window treatments. The old ones were a little sort and didn't match each I have decided to focus on the green/blue color combo for the room. still need to pull it all together. talk about frustrating. 

still waiting to do a photo wall on the blank wall by the front door!
suggestions anyone? i just feel like the room is still a little blah.

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