Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Living room re-re-re-do

I am the queen of being indecisive.

I am the girl who stood in front of the Target towels for 30 minutes try to decide on what color to pick- i even had a shower curtain that gave me some direction.

So the my next project shouldn't surprise you- i have decided to re-decorate the family room. i have never really been happy with the most recent re-do. So this time, I called in some help from the amazing talented Gina (she doesn't have a blog- but she totally should!). She is so creative. Once this Pottery Barn purchase arrives in 5-7 business days the real transformation will begin.

It wasn't easy picking out a new rug...dang are they expensive and there are so many different directions to go in.

After some major re-pinning on Pintrest, I found out that I like warmer colors and am not so afraid of yellow and with the help of Gina, realized that we can do a lot with the yellow and some gold undertones. So the first real re-do of the family room is about to happen.

So far it has included: moving of some major furniture, purchasing 3 things off Craigslist and finding some stellar wedding pics to frame :) stay tuned.... and if any one in Atlanta wants a rug from Target, let me know. I am selling this one for $40...

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