Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Paint advice: I need you...yes, YOU!

Yes... when I say I need you.. I mean YOU! :) If you know anything about my personal quarks you know that there are some decisions I can easily make and others that require... um... let's just say require a little extra time. You would be surprised at what decisions that take the least amount of time... like when I purchased a car on a whim (not a total impulse purchase, but let's just say I didn't plan on going car shopping that day) or the time I adopted my sweet pup, Snyder at the Humane Society...

The decisions I find a little harder are sometimes simple ones... what color towels to buy, what color dress to get. So.. as you can imagine as I embark on the adventure of repainting an entire house seems a little overwhelming. I have already stood in front of the wall 'o colors at Mr. Moore and Mr. Williams store :)

So... i'm asking for your opinion on what colors I should consider for the master bedroom. Notice the beautiful purple comforter my pup is laying on? Well that is my bed....what color would you paint the room- a neutral (same as the rest of the house?) or a light purple, a gray with a purple undertone? Feel free to chime in... don't be afraid to share specific paint colors/numbers. In the meantime, I will be grabbing more paint samples :)


  1. I think a a grey or a brown would be best! But, thats just me :)

  2. Someone I know suggest Killim Beige...but I don't know if they know much about painting. :)

  3. I have enjoyed my journey through your blog page. Thank you for letting me visit.