Thursday, July 1, 2010

Locked and secured.

Yes- I have been MIA (I's terrible, especially if you are like me and check my blog updates everyday to see what blogs have a new post!). But I have a few good reasons

1. I don't have internet at my house yet.... and when I tried to borrow my neighbors, any of my neighbors, I found out that they ALL have secured networks. I even tried to to a coffee shop last night for their free wi-fi, but there was NO place to sit

2. too busy at work to update the blog (except for this quick, really quick post).

But.. I have been working really hard and will have a ton of posts to write-up when I get my internet connected- projects ranging from creating a brand new shower rod, organizing a small closet, keeping my kitchen bakers rack cute, organized AND practical. I

In the meantime, I found this buffett and hutch at "The Classy Flea" in Marietta...... i think i'm going to buy it.. what do you think?- this picture was taken in the store with a ton of stuff around it some fresh paint and a cute vase of flowers on it....

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