Tuesday, July 6, 2010

plumber's putty

Thanks to my Dad this weekend, I discovered "adult" play dough- i.e. plumber's putty- not only is it fun to play with, but it has a purpose that can help you around the house...

I also learned how to do a few electrical hook-ups. Take a look at the before and after at my sink.. still no garbage disposal and still a unique shade of avocado green, but take a look at the new pendant light (only $19 at Home Depot) and new faucet (on sale for $98 at Lowe's). 

There is a s a fluorescent light hiding behind the top of that cabinet design... didn't do much for me

Not to mention the gross faucet that would leak every time you used the sink...

here is the new sink (i can't figure out how to rotate the dang picture in blogspot.. ideas?)
I was able to use my plumber's putty to fill in the hole where the sprayer went with the old faucet and replaced it with a brushed nickel cover for now. Even though the directions for the faucet didn't say to put plumbers putty on the bottom of the cover, my Dad did so anyway which will help in the long run. We also got no burst pipes). Now I can watch my "child" Snyder play in the back yard while I wash dishes from a pretty sink (like I said.. the avocado is growing on me :)

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