Friday, August 6, 2010

Dirty but cute

I know I am not the only one who looks through magazines and sees really cute ideas on how to decorate my house- but when it comes to practicality it just isn't there! There is even a blog dedicated to these oh so cute ideas- but totally not practical.

So when I started to think about decorating ideas and other practical must-haves I knew I would have a problem with my dog and my dirty clothes. Snyder has toys laying around my house all the time- but when he has access to the socks, shirts, shorts and other items in my hamper, he goes nuts! So what was I going to do with small closets and no place to put a traditional dirty clothes basket?!?

I found this little gem at TJ Maxx after work one day- totally went into TJ Maxx for something completely different- but found this decorative hamper that matches perfectly in my room and is actually cute!
You can't really tell- but that is the same purple in my bedspread!

don't worry the "L" and the picture aren't staying there :)

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