Sunday, August 15, 2010

TV Time!

I still don't understand why some things are so darn expensive! I refuse to pay $400 on a rug for my family room and refuse to pay a lot of money for a TV stand (especially since I was able to find that beautiful hutch for a steal!). 

So... when I made my monthly trip to Costco, I picked myself up this fantastic rug!

it ties in the blue from my pillows and the green in the dining room! I love it and so does the pup!

The family room continues to come together and this weekend was no different. Check out the transformation. Old TV stand (my hope chest that I couldn't wait to get back as my coffee table!). Check out all the cords and bunny ears. 

And the transformation begins...

This was only 1/2 the packaging from the "assembly required" TV stand from Target...

Perfect for the room! Finally TV stand that fits the cable box, wireless router, Wii and the DVD!!


  1. That is an awesome rug!! like the dog too

  2. LOVE your blog! You are doing such a great job. I really like all of the before and after pictures. I really need to come shopping with you-what steals you are finding! :)