Monday, August 9, 2010

edamame- refreshing appetizer and relaxing color

Picking out paint colors is one of my favorite and one of the most stressful things for me to do. So when I was trying to pick the perfect color for my dining room I decided to look at the names of the colors if I was having a hard time deciding between one or the other. It sounds ridiculous, but I picked my color pretty quickly when I came across Sherwin Williams Edamame!

Take a look at the new chair rail. I found the bamboo chair rail at The Home Depot for $1.50 PER piece! That's right lady and gents-- total of $7.50 for ALL of the chair rail! I had my first power tool experience up at Kelly and Matt's house with the miter saw. After cutting the chair rail, I stained the wood and with an air gun this is the final product..

Take a look at the transition...
before I bought the house 

After closing... empty house, but a lot of work to do! Floors are in bad shape! 

Taking down wallpaper---- terrible experience!

Wallpaper down, walls primed. 

settled on edamame green!

bamboo chair rail unstained. 

a little nail gun did the trick!

the "finished" product-- for now anyway! Notice the new light fixture too! It's starting to come together!!

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