Sunday, December 12, 2010

Be my guest..

My guest room has been a really easy place to store random stuff since moving in June. The guest room has its own bathroom and closet. It also has a really convenient door to shut when I wanted to hide my stuff. I had boxes, paint supplies, off-season clothes hidden in the room. It was easy to use the entire room as a storage closet. 

Well, with the holidays approaching I knew I had to do something about the room. So I finished taking down the wall-paper, painted the walls (Kilim Beige- same as kitchen and hallway), found a cute bedspread, found an AWESOME deal at IKEA for curtains and FINALLY hung the HEAVY mirror (with my Dad's help of course!). I still have a few finishing touches to complete (I have some cute wall decor ideas and need to find some lamps, etc.) But here is a look at the progress...

I didn't get a picture with the floral wallpaper.. but you can imagine. 

Walls painted...still a holding cell for all my stuff. Took down cheap-o blinds

Need to find window treatments.. ASAP!

Taaaddaaa! Mirror on wall, IKEA no-sew curtains up! Alphie the Lion is for giggles. Curtains closed so my neighborhood can't see my business.

I totally lucked out on the rug for the room too! I found the rug at Home Depot for $20! It is the best quality.. it is just scrap that was the sewed on the ends, but it does what it needs to do... protect the wood floors I love and warm the room a little :)

Well... I invite you to be my guest! I will try my hardest to get some lamps and some artwork as soon as possible :)

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