Sunday, December 12, 2010

baby it's cold IN here

When I bought this house I knew I had a few major (i.e. $$$) projects I wanted to accomplish. I figured with the tax credit I would update the kitchen and hardwood floors. I finished those projects pretty quickly. The other project is new windows. New windows haven't really been top of mind- especially when its 70 degrees outside. Currently I have the old aluminium crank windows. Because of this, I have held off on purchasing blinds and investing in other window treatments (although, I agree 100% that window treatments can transform a room!). 

Well tonight I was sitting on my couch (which is up against 4 HUGE windows) and I thought the air was on full blast- on no.. it was the gust of wind from outside!!!! My windows are SO inefficient..... I have had 2 companies give me quotes on new windows and we talking a couple grand :( In the meantime, I will be taking donations to my window fund :) 

When I felt this guest of wind (I do have curtains on these windows), I was glad I spent the afternoon putting up curtains in the "office." I decided on a purple accent wall in this room as well--- take a look (I am aware that I need to do ANOTHER layer of paint on the accent wall-- DARK COLORS = NOT EASY TO PAINT WITH!)

Here is a look at how my office/3rd bedroom has transformed....

warms the room up.. just need to get a rug and desk chair!

I know.. it needs another layer of paint...

Closer look at the curtains.. I love World Market!

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