Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ice, Ice baby...

Alright... just got word that tomorrow will be snow day number 5. Before you read anymore, please know that I am not complaining about 5 extra "vacation" days... but if I would have realized that it would be 5 days before I could leave my house I would have prepared a little more.

I started the week (Sunday night) behind on laundry and needing to clean the house. So when I got word of a snow day on Monday I was super excited that I had a chance to catch up on my life (and not on a weekend day where I could be watching basketball, running fun errands or going to the dog park).

Well I tell you, I got caught up. And after 5 days I am back to a full laundry basket and probably need to sweep the floor again and do dishes again. 

I attempted to venture out today... but the sheet of ice at the end of my driveway was too much..

I doesn't look like much... but its all ice :(

that's right.. my car is stuck on the other side of the road... i can't it back up that little incline and onto my drive way.

So... while I have been sitting at home the past 5 days I have come up with the following projects I would like to complete this year:
  • curtains for the kitchen window and door
  • Valentine's day wreath/decorations
  • wall collage of family portraits/wedding pictures (most likely for my family room)
  • renovate guest bathroom- new mirror and paint book shelf
  • paint 3 coat of spiced plum in the office/yoga room
  • replace light fixtures in extra bedrooms and hallway
  • paint shutters and front door
  • re-landscape front yard (back yard in 2012)
Those are only a few--- but that should keep me busy :) I thought days off were supposed to be productive and not make longer to-do lists :(

I know one guy who is ready for me to go back to work..... i think he likes sleeping all day and not having to follow me around the house :) he is not amused :(

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