Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spice up your life

This is day 2 of being iced/snowed in at my house. so I tackled my kitchen cabinets this morning.

This project was not my first priority, because I have a ton of craft projects I want to do (make a valentine's day wreath, homemade curtains, frame family wedding pictures for my guest room) but I don't have any supplies to make any of items on my wish list- next time I will hit up JoAnnes and Hobby Lobby before I get snowed in :)

So in an effort not to get cabin fever I turned to organizing my kitchen cabinets. 

Before...it doesn't look like I have ANY room for anything in here!

I had a ton of crystal light boxes and one empty counter container

This is cabinet 2; but I forgot to take a picture of the cabinet full. I had already taken out 1/2 the things..
So after some re-organizing, combining a few things (I had 2 half full packages of egg noodles that fit easily into one bag), this is what the cabinets look like now!

Say goodbye to all those boxes I had..

full.. but organized...

I don't have a spice rack yet.. but I made sure I put my least used spices in the back of the cabinet and the more popular ones in the front (can you tell I love Publix and Pampered Chef?) :)

I have a ton of room for more food now!
Well it is not exactly spring cleaning... but my kitchen is MUCH more organized.... it feels great!!! 

Now- let me see when I can actually drive to the store to fill up these cabinets! By the look of the roads it doesn't look like it is going to be soon...

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  1. Great job! In fact you inspired me to clean out my cabinets this afternoon too...I feel so much better now!