Sunday, January 30, 2011

I-20 East = paradise!

Well I had a few projects planned for the weekend until my wonderful fiance surprised me with a weekend get away to Reynolds Plantation in GA, only an hour and fifteen minutes away!

After a LONG day at work on Friday, he e-mailed me on Friday at 4:00 p.m. saying his company had a free weekend certificate that expired on Monday and if anyone wanted to go last minute they could! So we took them up on it!

Beautiful Lake Oconee! Grass isn't green this time of year, but still beautiful!

Outside the Ritz! So pretty!

picture from the pool... the lake is in the background! It was 70 degrees! It's Jan. 30!

Playing a game of golf!

First time EVER playing on a golf course. I had best ball a few times... i know this swing isn' t pretty!

Think we found a new hobby we both enjoy.. GOLFING!

Nothing like golfing on a Top 100 Course!

putt-putt golf anyone?

We had a great weekend! Maybe next weekend we will do somethings around the house :)
We did get a wonderful new sofa for the third bedroom from a friend... stay tuned to see how that is coming along!

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