Sunday, January 9, 2011

pocket book friendly

Even though I was fighting a TERRIBLE cold the day after Christmas, I struggled through it and went to Crate and Barrel with my parents on Sunday morning. I was extremely surprised at how busy this place was in KC! We got there at 9:45 (they opened at 9:30) and the parking lot was packed and the check-out lines were LONG!

So... my with my kleenex in hand I searched the store for some good deals. I picked up some amazing holiday finds, which I will preview next year (i already packed them for the season), but I also picked up some great pillow covers! These thing retail for $26-$32 EACH... I basically stole them for $11... that is $11 TOTAL (they were $2-$3 each!). The green and blue are perfect for my family/living room combo I have going on in the room! The only dilemma I have is the how it looks with my Costco carpet. The colors in the pillow pop a little more than the rug, but I like the boldness of the pillow covers. However, they go great with the green accent wall in the living room area!

What are your thoughts? Look for a new rug or do they go together okay?

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